10 reasons why landlords choose David Moore Lettings

10 reasons

1. Reduced void periods

This year we have reduced our landlord's average void periods from 7 days in a year to 5 days. We have done this by improving our marketing and attracting a larger pool of candidates. We have also managed to reduce the time for turning around the property between tenancies.

2. We pay rent when you expect it

By managing the rental payments on a daily basis and working closely with those of our tenants who do have difficulties with their rental payments, we are able to pay all of our landlords on the due date.

3. Our clients spread the word

80% of our new landlords choose us following recommendations from our existing landlords. Just have a look at our testimonials!

4. Trained team of professionals

Your property portfolio is important to you, so it is also important that the people you choose to manage your portfolio understand the law and understand what it takes to manage your asset. Every team member at David Moore Lettings is trained and experienced. We take the management of your property very seriously and invest in the team to make sure that can happen.

5. Regular visits

We visit your property around four weeks after your tenant moves in. Thereafter we visit approximately four times a year. You will receive both written and visual reports following our inspections.

6. Regular rent increases

This year we have typically increased our landlord's income by 5% with the agreement of their tenants. This has been achieved by providing a great service to your tenants, which encourages them to want to stay on and look after your property.

7. Independently-held deposits

We register your tenants deposit with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS), which provides arbitration in the rare case that you have a disagreement with your tenant at the end of the tenancy. This saves potentially costly court fees.

8. A local, independent agent

We are a small, friendly firm with an intimate knowledge of our area. We get to know you on a personal level and that's why our landlords tend to stay with us. The buck stops with us, so we aim to take great care of you and your property.

9. 'In house' Tenant Referencing

Finding the right tenant is crucial to a successful tenancy, and a key part of this process is our 'in house' tenant referencing. This ensures we have a great record of providing quality tenants.

10. Honesty and Confidence

We are members of the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), which means we have signed up to a strict code of conduct. You can read the code at www.rla.org.uk.