Tenant Information

We have an excellent track record in matching the right tenants to the right properties. We understand your needs and ensure that you receive the quality and maintenance you are paying for. Your deposit is held with the Deposit Protection Service, which ensures that any disputes are handled by an independent third party.

For tenants we offer:

Applying for a tenancy:

Any Passport anomalies will be reported to The Home Office. All non EU applicants must provide valid work permits. These details are required for credit search.

There are no fees applicable for the arrangement of this tenancy apart from one week's rent as a holding deposit. This is refundable upon moving in unless reference checks fail or the agreement is not signed within 15 days.

Once satisfactory references have been received, we will contact you and arrange the soonest convenient date for you to move in.

Permitted Charges

During the tenancy certain charges are permitted.

  1. Late payment of rent. This will attract an interest charge of 3% above base rate. This will not be charged until after the rent is late by at least 14 days, but the charge will include the 14 days.
  2. Payment of £12 (including VAT) per key for the reasonably incurred costs for replacement of lost keys.
  3. Early termination of tenancy. If you choose to vacate the property before the end of the Tenancy Agreement you will still be responsible under the terms of the Agreement until the property is re-let or the Agreement ends. We will make our best endeavours to find a replacement tenant and when the new tenant moves in we will release you from the obligations under your tenancy. This includes rent and utility charges. There will be a charge of £125 + VAT to cover the landlord's reasonable costs in finding a new tenant.
  4. Changes to tenancy agreement. If you wish to change the tenancy agreement, for example, by adding or removing a tenant, there will be a charge of £50 + VAT.